Episode 33: Ferret Eggs

Imagine breaking into the house of the great Steve Jobs, stealing his iPad and giving it to a clown. It sounds crazy, but we live in a crazy world.

Did you know that marketers track and assign you a value? It’s sad but true.

James, the king of Apple fanboys, spends a good amount of time messing with a Nexus 7 and of its Android OS goodness. Justin uses the Internet archive to find millions of legal torrents.

This episode also includes our first ever listener submitted segment, fan questions and more Technophila goodness.

And, as always, the headlines.


A highly entertaining episode.

The Femto Photography looks interesting, I'll watch the TED talk next.


I actually don't have much to comment on this week. You can blame Minecraft for that.


What I read about the SMS exploit is that it can happen on any phone, however it is much easier on an iPhone, I believe it was to do with the fact the iPhone checks the reply-to number for the caller ID or something, this may be completely wrong but that was what I understood by the article I read.


I enjoyed the book review, however a better mic would help, although it is not at all essential and I guess unless it is a regular section it is not worth the investment.


I don't know if you saw my question from last week but if not, here it is again:

What is the one piece of tech you regret buying the most (if anything)?


A great episode as usual so thanks.


Great podcast like always! I've have to say that I'm impressed that James actually liked something not made by apple.


As for the text message spoofing in the iPhone, I will say that it works, and its really a huge flaw. While it might be fun to mess with your friends (trust me it is), it really is something that could potentially lead to ID theft, over here where I live a couple of local banks sent text message when you change something in your account and they even sent links to their website, and like you all pointed out, people are gullible and they trust that number and by those means credit card, SS and other vital information could be stolen. If you have a jailbroken iPhone there is an app called SpoofTexting, which allows you to send texts from any number you desire, and I got to say it works pretty good, there is another app called FakeMSG, which I have not yet tried but as far as I know it is functional, both of this apps are in the Big Boss repo.


As for another segment you should try something like "what not to use", because I'm pretty sure you all have come across with apps, programs, and or websites that straight out pointless, or completely dysfunctional. I think that could be a good segment, kind of like a heads up or warning about things. 


Also a question that I would like to ask you all guys is what gadget, or technology related object you regret buying and why? For me it would be a SATA-IDE usb adaptor, which was not functional and caused me to loose about 1TB of data, which contained about 3 years worth of pictures, I don't care about anything else in there but those pictures, because they are memories I won't  be able to get back.


That is all I have to say, and once again guys great podcast, looking forward to next episode


 @James Bruce It's no problem - I posted it quite late so was not surprised you missed it.  Anyway, thanks.